2020 Business Resolutions from InXpress and 7 Other Leading Brands

TheSelfEmployed.com issued an extremely interesting article on the topic of 2020 business resolutions from eight key brands, including Smoothie King, Pet Supplies Plus, Great Harvest Bread Co., InXpress, East Coast Wings + Grill, The Spice & Tea Exchange, Sushi Sake, and Weed Man.

“From being more vulnerable and transparent to building a better brand and spending time with your kids, check out this great advice from some of our favorite CEOs who have been there!” – Steve Strauss, article author

Snippets of their feeback include:

Wan Kim, CEO of Smoothie King: “Encourage constant reflection.”

Chris Rowland, CEO of Pet Supplies Plus: “You need to connect and know your team members well enough to understand how you can motivate them as individuals.”

Mike Ferretti, Chairman and CEO of Great Harvest Bread Co.: “Reinforce the importance of evolution and continue to educate your network on how business can improve by embracing change.”

Dustin Hansen, CEO of InXpress Americas: “Make a conscious effort to be more hands-off, vulnerable and transparent with your team. Trust that you have placed the right people with the right voice around you. As a leader, I always want my people to feel empowered.”

Sam Ballas, Co-founder and CEO of East Coast Wings + Grill: “Give your people space to self-develop and see how they do in the crosshairs. Pay attention to how they innovate the tasks and their thinking.”

Amy Freeman. Co-Founder and CEO of The Spice & Tea Exchange: “Learn that you don’t always have to have the answers. There are limitations to what we are able to do as a human and as a leader.”

Angel Aguayo, Co-Founder of Sushi Sake: “Commit to building a strong team around you and learn to delegate.”

Jennifer Lemcke, CEO of Weed Man: “No matter what change comes….stay committed to customization and being a resource for your entire network.”

Thanks to TheSelfEmployed.com for including InXpress in this informative article!