4 of the Best Types of Franchises for Sales Professionals

franchises for sales professionals

If you’re looking into franchise ownership, sales experience is going to give you the cutting edge. You already have the positive attitude and enthusiasm, and you’re equipped with skills that are difficult for newcomers to learn (i.e. relationship-building, prospecting, etc). Plus, you’re goal-oriented. But it may still be a bit daunting to choose your franchise field with so many options out there.

Here are some of the best types of franchises for sales professionals available today:


This is a great field because sales, marketing, and advertising go hand in hand to help a business succeed. Companies are always going to need to tweak and improve their advertising to get more customers, so there’s great potential for long-term relationships. And both B2B and B2C skills come in handy: both companies and individual entrepreneurs need quality advertising solutions.

Business or Management Coaching/Consulting:

If you’re looking for a way to blend your sales skills with a meaningful career that helps others, you could pursue a coaching/consulting franchise. Because it’s a high-demand service for upper-level management, training and coaching other sales professionals is a lucrative and fulfilling way to find success in franchising.

Home Services:

Any homeowner out there will tell you, there’s always something that needs fixing, replacing, or improving. Owning a home services franchise (plumbing, repairs, heating and air, etc.) is a great option for someone that wants to sell a high-demand service directly to the consumer (B2C).


This field comes as a surprise to some, but owning a logistics franchise is a great way to make a high residual income with a low initial investment. Logistics franchise owners are great at sales (especially relationship-building), finding innovative solutions, and providing personalized service. Because everyone that sells a product needs a way to get it to their customers, the opportunities for logistics franchise owners are increasing all the time– as more and more small-to-medium sized businesses enter the market every day. [Many of them do their business online, which makes shipping a necessity for every transaction.] Plus, logistics franchises are home-based, offering low-cost, high flexibility, and more room for a profit margin.

So, whether you like helping a client find just the right message, helping a fellow business owner reach their goals, or ensuring the entrepreneur, product, and customer stay connected, there’s a franchise out there that’s right for you. We recommend starting your search by listing your dreams for your business. What do you want to focus on in your relationship with the customer? Do you want a brick and mortar, or do you love the thought of working from home? Once you’ve done some self-discovery, connect with franchise owners in the fields that interest you to learn more. When you do your homework and broaden your network, you’re sure to find the perfect fit.