5 reasons the InXpress global shipping franchise is growing

Giving the right people the right opportunities to help customers and succeed

InXpress is a global shipping franchise that connects small and medium-sized businesses with global markets by making it easy and affordable for them to access international shipping. It’s a complex industry, and InXpress’s growth has been driven by the fact that we make logistics simple for customers, and for franchisees. Here are five reasons we’re growing:

No. 1: More small businesses are involved in the global economy

Advances in technology have connected the world, meaning even small businesses can participate in international markets by marketing their wares  and communicating with customers and partners online. A company could have suppliers or clients in countries they’ve never even been to.

But while communication and sales can occur with the click of a button, shipping products or supplies around the world can still be a daunting prospect for businesses. We help InXpress customers navigate their options, get better deals, and get better service so they can take care of their own customers.

No. 2: We have robust vendor relationships

By bundling together the purchasing power of thousands of small and medium-sized businesses, we negotiate discounts that our customers could never get on their own. InXpress works with DHL and 48 other carriers to provide shipping solutions for anywhere on the planet. Our vendor relationships mean that smaller customers get all the advantages that bigger companies can get from the shipping companies, while still getting personal, direct service when they need help. Better service at a better price is a combination that can’t be beat.

“The thing that stands out about InXpress are the discounted rates and personalized service that are usually only reserved for bigger customers,” says franchisee Amaryllis Borges. “That’s how we sell our services. We explain that you’re under our umbrella discount and you’ll have local representation. They don’t have to call an 800 number.”


No. 3: Our business model doesn’t require any industry-specific experience

Talent and passion are what matter for a franchisee to succeed. If you love going out to meet with and work with customers to help them understand the value of our services, you have the right skill set to make it as an InXpress franchisee. You don’t need to have any background or experience in shipping. Any person with the right drive, willingness to learn and ability to sell can become an InXpress franchisee, no matter what industry they may be coming from.

Rather than taking on the logistics of shipping themselves, franchisees handle client sales and some customer service while the shipping carriers get the packages from point A to point B. For the carriers, we provide access to customers, and for the customers, we provide the cost savings and one-on-one service they need.

No. 4: Our leadership team are also franchisees

Many companies ask their franchisees to listen to leadership teams that have no direct interaction with customers or connection with the realities of the ground-level business. At InXpress, most members of the executive team are also franchisees, meaning they know what’s going on and share in the same struggles and successes as the rest of the franchisees.

“We’ve learned what works for our franchise company by working the business,” says CEO Dustin Hansen. “Our franchise partners bring the drive, the commitment and the enthusiasm to succeed, and InXpress provides the professional foundation and proven systems to help them win.”

No. 5: Low overhead means you can hit the ground running

The low startup costs and overhead make it easy to get going with InXpress. There’s no need for expensive real estate when you can work from home and out in your community to gain new customers. There’s no inventory to track or equipment to purchase, just the $49,700 franchise fee to get you started. You can scale up your business based on how quickly you can sign on new clients, without having to invest in any physical space.

A driven individual can start signing up clients and making money quickly, and once customers start with InXpress, the great experience and their ongoing shipping needs turn into steady residual income for franchisees. Like anything worthwhile, it takes effort and motivation, but InXpress gives you the opportunities for success.

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