5 Reasons Owning a Home-Based Franchise is a Good Idea

Owning a Home-Based Franchise

Many corporate businesses are offering their employees a work-from-home option. But did you know that you can enjoy the freedom of franchise ownership while working from home? Here are some of our franchise owners’ favorite things about owning a home-based franchise:

  1. Lower overhead/start-up: While you’ll still have to pay franchise/royalty fees, insurance fees, and various costs for technology and supplies  as a home-based franchise owner, you won’t have nearly as many start-up and overhead costs as someone who owns a brick-and-mortar franchise. As long as you have a home office space, a good internet connection, and reliable equipment/technology, you’ll be off to a great start.
  2. Higher Margin: As you might expect, low investment costs leave more room for profit margin. And there’s nothing wrong with that. Our franchise owners have said it over and over again: work hard, follow the model, make a profit.
  3. Flexibility: While working as a home-based franchise owner is still a full-time job, you have more flexibility about when and where you do your work. We recommend have a dedicated home office space and consistent hours (as much as possible) to make sure you stay on track. However you decide to set up your day, it’s going to be a good one knowing that you’re close to home, family, and things that matter.
  4. Tax Incentives: You probably know that running a traditional business from home, you can deduct many expenses on your taxes. While the deductions may not be identical across the board, there are tax incentives to running a franchise that you own from your home.
  5. No more commute: Unless you count the commute from the kitchen with your coffee to your desk in your home office, you cut your commute down to zero when owning a home-based-franchise.

Owning a home-based franchise is a great path to career freedom for someone who’s equally serious about their career, and the necessity of leveraging their resources and their quality time to do the things they love most. Are you interested in owning a home-based franchise? Talk to a member of our team today.