How big is the shipping logistics industry?

How Big Is the Shipping Logistics Industry?

A $1.5 Trillion Industry Is Projected To Grow To $2+ Trillion By 2023

You might wonder how big the shipping industry is. At InXpress Franchise, it is increasingly getting bigger, and in the United States alone, the $1.5 Trillion shipping and logistics industry is expected to be valued at $2+ trillion by 2023. InXpress franchisees are ready for growth as demand for shipping continues to grow as global trade and e-commerce grows. We have franchise locations opening up nationwide, so this is your opportunity to enter our logistics franchise as a leader and owner. InXpress has found its niche by teaming up with DHL and other carriers to offer big discounts to small and mid-sized businesses through the power of bundling, as well as high-touch customer service. When franchisees join our network, they have the foundation they need to kick start their business. Learn more about the prospects of this booming industry!

$900 billion - size of U.S. shipping industry

Take the Opportunity To Join a Growing Logistics Franchise

Invest in the growing shipping and logistics industry, which is always in demand. It’s a field that offers many perks including excellent job stability for your employees, requires no inventory, and provides the opportunity to scale your business as big as you want. InXpress franchise owners enjoy personally and professionally rewarding careers in shipping logistics, and you can too. With us, franchise ownership is highly flexible, putting the power in your hands to set and achieve business goals. The growing logistics market in the United States along with current economic development presents franchisees with the perfect opportunity to begin the lucrative career they always wanted.

Here’s what you can look forward to by joining this booming industry with InXpress:

  • Top Franchise Awards by Franchise Business Review 
  • Excellent Company Culture
  • Great Customer Satisfaction and Retention
  • Marketing Assistance
  • Home Office Support
  • Recruitment and Training 

Our shipping logistics company provides a great income to franchisees who join as well as their employees. Take the opportunity to become your own boss as a franchise owner in the freight logistics business. We have a repeat customer base that you can count on being there from day one of your business launch. You’ll also have assistance in generating new leads and recruiting professional shippings to ship packages to various destinations. 

Why Partner with Our Logistics Company?

Shippers like us because we bundle customers and bring them significant revenue while assisting with customer relationships. Customers like us because we deliver stronger customer service with lower prices, providing one-on-one support and expertise, for those who don’t know how to ship or import their goods and are too small to afford an in-house logistics team.

This is what we makes owning an InXpress Franchise different than other companies in the shipping and logistics industry: 

  • Brand Recognition
  • Training and Support
  • Return on Investment
  • Low Startup Costs/Minimal Overhead
  • Home Based
  • Scalable Business Model
  • Top-Performing Technology
  • Secure Volume Carrier Contracts

If you’re someone with an entrepreneurial spirit who enjoys managing business operations, motivating a team, and reaching sales goals, franchise ownership could be ideal for you. The home office is supportive, and we provide a solid foundation along with a strong industry reputation that will make it easier to succeed.  Our network of franchisees across the country provide a wide reach that our customers depend on for their shipping needs. Join our booming shipping logistics franchise.

What Do Our Franchisees Have To Say?

We believe in owner-driven success, which means you’re empowered to have a direct impact on the income generated by your freight logistics business. With InXpress, franchisees have the added benefit of a supportive home office and existing structure that includes marketing and training. You’ll enjoy a high customer retention rate because we’re a recognized brand that is trusted to deliver excellent results. Because we continually exceed customer expectations, they generally stick with us for a long time. 

What does that mean to franchisees? High customer retention and residual income. This is what one franchisee had to say about their experience:

“I love the residual income,” says franchisee Manav Gupta of Washington, D.C. “Whatever I get today may pay me years and years and years into the future. I also love the business we’re in, in terms of shipping. You can’t get away from it.

“It’s not like technology or software, which is constantly changing. In the next hundred years, people are still going to be shipping. More and more small businesses are opening their doors internationally, and that’s where we focus our attention.”

Become a Part of Our Freight Logistics Business

When you become a part of the InXpress Franchise, you’re entering a large and expanding industry with a lot to offer in terms of job satisfaction. Our franchise owners enjoy the steady growth of this stable career path and the flexibility to run their location as they see fit. As a franchisee, you can also tap into the extensive resources offered by the home office whenever they need it. Whether you need assistance with marketing, recruitment, and training, we have the foundation to meet your needs and provide guidance as set out on your path as a business leader. With our business opening franchise locations across the United States, this is the perfect time to step into an entrepreneurial role and become your own boss. Take advantage of this logistics franchise opportunity for a career path that is both lucrative and personally rewarding. Join our network of franchisees nationwide who have discovered the benefits of franchise ownership in the booming shipping and logistics industry.

Take advantage of entrepreneurial opportunities designed with you in mind. Contact us today!

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