How big is the shipping logistics industry?

A $900 billion industry is projected to grow to $2+ trillion by 2023

You might wonder how big is the shipping industry? InXpress Franchise is increasingly getting bigger and in the United States alone, the $900 billion shipping logistics industry is expected to be valued at $2+ trillion by 2023. InXpress franchisees are ready for growth. As demand for shipping continues to grow as global trade and e-commerce grows. InXpress has found our niche by teaming with DHL and other carriers to offer big discounts to small and mid-sized businesses through the power of bundling, as well as high touch customer service.

$900 billion - size of U.S. shipping industry

Shippers like us because we bundle customers and bring them significant revenue while assisting with customer relationships. Customers like us because we deliver stronger customer service with lower prices, providing one-on-one support and expertise, for those who don’t know how to ship or import their goods and are too small to afford an in-house logistics team.

Because we continually exceed customer expectations, customers generally stick with us for a long time. What does that mean to franchisees? High customer retention and residual income.

“I love the residual income,” says franchisee Manav Gupta of Washington, D.C. “Whatever I get today may pay me years and years and years into the future. I also love the business we’re in, in terms of shipping. You can’t get away from it.

“It’s not like technology or software, which is constantly changing. In the next hundred years, people are still going to be shipping. More and more small businesses are opening their doors internationally, and that’s where we focus our attention.”

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