Why customers do business with InXpress

Small and medium-sized businesses are often overlooked by big carriers

InXpress is currently operating in 14 countries and doing $212 million in revenue by the end of 2020. Our U.S. franchise operations are continuing to grow quickly. Our company has been growing year-over-year even during recessions and pandemics. We’ve been able to maintain strong growth because we offer a powerful 4-part value proposition to our customers. This is one of the reasons customers do business with InXpress.

  1. Personal, hands-on service. We work closely with our customers and help them deal with their unique shipping challenges. Though our franchisees never touch the packages, we do provide expert advice on how to get a package — any package, from textile samples to important documents to a large shipment of machine parts — from point A to point B.
  2. Customers get better service on international shipments thanks to our relationship with DHL. We also partner with 48 other carriers, because we know our diverse customer base needs lots of options. When one customer was struggling to find a solution for a 600-pound shipment, our franchisee stopped in for a service visit. Recognizing that DHL was not the most efficient option in that case, the franchisee recommended an air freight carrier instead, resulting in a huge savings for that customer.
  3. InXpress has a technological advantage through our proprietary software platform that makes it easy for customers to evaluate their own shipping solutions through InXpress. It allows customers to rate their shipping options, get a price quote and contact their local franchisee if there’s any confusion.
  4. We save our customers an average of 11% to 33% on their shipping costs. We can do this thanks to our global buying power. We spend tens of millions of dollars with DHL and our other carriers. We’re like a Costco for shipping services — we buy in bulk and pass the discounts to customers.

Who are our customers?

While we specialize in the small to medium-sized businesses that are typically overlooked by large carriers, it’s difficult to categorize our customers beyond that point because the potential is limitless for types of businesses that can benefit from InXpress services — anyone who ships international packages or pallets of goods over the road.

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We identify potential customers in a number of ways, including old-fashioned door-knocking in industrial parks. Franchise owners and sales staff go out and call on people face-to-face, learning whether a business — typically one with fewer than 500 employees — has shipping needs and how much they’re paying for those services. Franchisees also network through chambers of commerce and similar groups, seeking out businesses that import or export or deal with heavy freight. For example, a small- or medium-sized company that needs to import machinery components from France or ship manufacturer’s samples to India can greatly benefit from the InXpress-DHL relationship.

When franchisees are first starting out, we send one of our experienced franchise coaches with them to offer advice and support where needed. Once we find someone who has shipping needs, we simply explain what we have to offer. “We’re able to go into these customers’ places of business, identify their pain points and where they’re struggling,” says Cory Mitchell, InXpress franchisee based in Salt Lake City, Utah. “We bring the buying power of thousands of customers, so the carrier gives us a corporate-type discount. We pass that savings along to our customers.”

The value proposition is simple. Cathy Battreall, a top-performing Jacksonville, Florida-based franchisee, learned about the benefits of collective buying power when she was in home medical sales and tried to start a home infusion business.

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“I went to all my suppliers, but I just couldn’t make any money at their prices. Finally, I joined a buyer’s group and was able to pay a fraction of the cost. I see InXpress as a buying group for small businesses,” she says.

“We give you the ability to act like you’re a much larger company. What are you selling and how much does it cost to get it to your door? You’ll pay 10 times what Walmart did for freight. InXpress helps small businesses keep a competitive edge.”

Those competitive discounts combined with our outstanding customer service make InXpress a valuable ally for the small and medium-sized business operator. Carriers, pack-and-ship locations and even other logistics companies simply don’t provide the kind of personalized attention we offer. Customers don’t want foreign call centers. They want the global reach with a personal touch that InXpress provides.

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