What are InXpress initial startup costs?

Explore the details of the initial investment and initial startup costs in an inxpress global shipping franchise

One of the big benefits of owning your own home-based franchise is the low overhead. InXpress franchisees serve as resellers and consultants who connect small and medium-sized businesses with shipping solutions. Carriers do the actual shipping. Franchisees need never touch the boxes. That means there’s no reason to search for retail or warehouse space or packaging inventory. You can also start the business on your own without any employees. Then add sales staff or customer service reps later to scale up your business.

Initial Start-Up Costs

Your total InXpress initial startup costs can range from $85,600 to $169,990 depending on how much money you spend on things like computer equipment and a cell phone. The start-up costs range includes the franchise fee, marketing and training fee of $65,000 which is paid upon signing your Franchise Agreement. The remainder represents the lowest to highest estimated cost for all other items needed in the first year. This includes working capital which may cover owner salary needs during the ramp-up phase of building your book of business. The reality almost always falls somewhere in the middle, depending on your specific situation.

With $25,000 cash capital and good credit, most candidates qualify for SBA loans up to $150,000 through one of our lending partners.

The full chart of this cost range is included in Item 7 of our Franchise Disclosure Document which you will receive as part of the franchise evaluation process.

InXpress 2020 FDD item 7. Estimated initial investment

These estimated initial expenses are our best estimate of the costs you may incur inn establishing and operating your InXpress Franchise. Additional notes and details about this chart can be found in the 2020 InXpress Franchise Disclosure Document.

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The InXpress Americas franchise opportunity is available in the U.S. as well as Canada. In addition to partnering with DHL for global shipments like the U.S., InXpress Canada franchisees are also able to offer domestic small parcel shipping through Canpar. Being able to offer both domestic and international provides further value and strengthens the InXpress unique value proposition to Canadian-based businesses.

The investment numbers in Canada are as follows:

$97,900 – $212,150 CAD, including initial fees of $73,000 CAD.

Initial fees breakdown:
  • Franchise Fee: $55,000
  • Training Fee: $5,000
  • Marketing Startup Package: $13,000

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