What makes inXpress a good business for the right person?

Low entry cost with high potential returns

InXpress offers franchisees a low cost of entry that is easily recouped as the business grows. Start-up costs are minimal as well because there are no overhead expenditures, real estate costs, employees to pay, or equipment purchases. The most successful franchisees spend their time introducing themselves and their solution to as many small-to-medium-sized businesses as possible by cold calling and knocking on doors. The more clients that are brought on, the larger the business becomes, which allows for a transition into an office or a facility with the ability to hire employees if you choose. The value proposition for clients is simple: lower costs on shipping and much stronger service than big carriers can offer. Signing up clients is how you hit the break-even point and build up a highly-profitable, highly-scalable business.

What makes InXpress a good business?

  • Minimal Start-Up Costs. InXpress offers franchisees a low entry point with no inventory and low overhead. These factors, coupled with our proven business model provide residual income for franchisees. This is perfect for franchisees who are self-motivated and driven to reach the break-even point quickly and start generating residual income.

  • No shipping industry background needed. We are first and foremost a business built on sales and consultative skills. Our business model is based on creating residual income from customers with ongoing shipping needs. We seek them out and tell them about our buying power, our world-class carrier partners and our international reach with global shipping leader DHL. When they realize they can save from 11% to 33%, on average, they tend to sign on with InXpress. When they discover our unparalleled, personalized customer service, they tend to stay.

  • No exclusive territory. Each franchise has a Primary Marketing Area that includes at least 10,000 potential businesses to call on in person, but franchisees are not restricted by any exclusive territories. That means they can sell anywhere in the country by obtaining business lists and cold calling or hiring 3rd party calling companies. Some of our top franchisees have even hired remote salespeople to expand their reach across the country. With a $900 billion (and growing) industry and only about 100 franchisees in the U.S., there is a huge opportunity to grow a substantial business!

  • High touch, low price. Your initial investment of approx. $86,120 will get you in the door. There’s no inventory to buy. You don’t have to wait on a lengthy build-out or hire and train a large staff to get started.

  • White collar. InXpress is not a shipping franchise, and it’s not a pack-and-ship retail store. That means business hours and weekends off. We are a white-collar franchise, a third-party, business-to-business logistics company. We connect customers to the right carrier, and our franchisees make a commission off every shipment.

So, what distinguishes a top performing franchise owner? “As complicated as we sometimes we want to make it, it truly comes down to doing the drill,” says Cory Mitchell, a Salt Lake City, Utah-based franchisee of InXpress USA.

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