We’re a B2B franchise model in the shipping industry, and the key to our success is sales. We’re looking for people who understand consultative sales or are willing to learn.

You do not need industry experience. You will be working with customers to find shipping solutions, not shipping the packages yourself. InXpress franchisees never touch the boxes.

Some franchisees are operating as soon as 30 days after signing the franchise agreement. On average, you can expect to be in business between 30 to 60 days.

Most of our Executives and Board of Directors have owned an InXpress franchise, and that’s one of the things that sets us apart from the competition. Collectively, we have an aggregate of 200-plus years of experience on multiple platforms and in multiple business models. We’ve been in your shoes, and we understand the path it takes to be successful.

In the U.S. alone, the shipping industry is $900 billion, and that amount is predicted to grow to $2+ trillion by 2023.

We look for people who are skilled at consultative sales and love building relationships. InXpress franchise ownership makes an ideal investment for entrepreneurs, salespeople, mid-career professionals planning for retirement, Millennials, first-time business owners, veterans, minorities, and more.

Typically, a new franchisee will spend most of their day knocking on doors and calling on business lists. Once you start bringing in customers, you will devote a portion of your day servicing those ongoing accounts, and you’ll also build in time to attend business networking events. The more customers you bring on, the less time you spend in the field. That’s when most franchisees will bring on customer service reps, so they can continue to dedicate time towards sales and growing their business.

Many InXpress franchisees start out as single owner-operators. Your first hire is typically a sales representative, and your second hire is usually a customer service rep. These positions can be part-time and outsourced. As your franchise grows, you can bring on more sales and customer service reps to manage your accounts.

Most InXpress franchisees start as a home-based franchise and is not based on geography, so you can essentially work from anywhere as long as you have a phone, a computer, and a car. Successful franchisees will scale their business for growth by hiring a sales team and opening a small sales office after the first 12-18 months.

Our fee structure is $50,000 Franchise Fee, $5,000 Training Fee and $10,000 Marketing Fee, totaling $65,000 due at signing. Including first year working capital and other items you may need for your office, the estimated Total Initial Investment = $86,120 to $167,510. We recommend that our franchise candidates have a minimum of $25,000 in liquid assets to invest with the ability to obtain financing for the rest.

You’ll build your customer base by calling on prospective customers, cold-calling, generating leads through business networking and utilizing your marketing tools from InXpress corporate. Our customers come from all segments of business and industry in the small to medium-sized enterprise (SME) space. Any SME that ships or imports goods at least once a week, and ideally once a day, is a potential InXpress customer.

Because they’re too small, generally from 2 to 500 employees, InXpress customers rely on franchisees to gain access to discounts and attention from big shippers. This allows them to reliably service their customers and vendors in turn. We provide personalized service and use buying power to get great discounts from our carrier partners, saving customers an average of 11% to 33% on shipping and providing tens of millions of dollars in revenues to the carriers.