How International Shipping Franchisees Solve Problems

international shipping franchise

If you’ve ever tried international shipping, you know there are a lot of  potential problems. But there’s good news: an InXpress franchisee can help you surmount your international shipping obstacles, so you can focus on the opportunities it affords your business.Here are some of the things international shipping franchisees can help with [You can view a downloadable and printable version of this list here.]

  1. Customs Clearance: Customs Clearance can be more difficult in certain countries than others. The correct information on your delivery documents will definitely speed up the process. Ask us at Inxpress for guidance on completing Commercial Invoices and customs documentation.
  2. Tracking your item When shipping you want your delivery to arrive first time, every time. Your InXpress shipping consultant has access to world class tracking programs, which will monitor your delivery over every part of the journey and alert you of any issues; making sure your customer to receives their parcel without any delay.
  3. Packaging The further the package is travelling the more hands it has to pass through. Is your parcel packaged adequately to withstand damage?
  4. Transit Times Transit Times (including normal Customs Clearance) vary with each carrier. Incomplete customs documentation will delay your shipment. If your customer wants a definite day of arrival, you may want to check with your InXpress Consultant who can liaise with the carrier in their local area and assist in customs clearance where possible.
  5. Local holidays Be aware of local holidays at the destination address of your shipments, particularly if this is an urgent delivery to someone who may still be working whilst others are not.
  6. Hazardous or Goods on the no fly list Do the products that you are sending comply with the carrier’s policies? Not all carriers carry hazardous goods, they may need to packaged differently or require additional paperwork.

Other goods may be difficult to ship because of what they are, or because of handling restrictions in the receiving country. Contact your InXpress Consultant for specific hazardous goods requirements

  1. Best carrier to use InXpress will help choose the best possible carrier to suit your goods and the destination. The way the carriers deliver has a real impact on your customer’s experience when they are doing business with you. Locally you know your carriers, and they value your customers as much as you do; but what happens to your goods once they leave the country? Who delivers them the “last mile” to your customer?
  2. Surcharges Don’t be caught out by carrier’s surcharges; such as Out of Area Surcharge. Check with your InXpress Consultant to see what additional surcharges can be expected, particularly if you are charging this shipment to your customer; you don’t want to be losing money by quoting the wrong price.
  3. Exchange Rates Don’t forget, some goods are subject to customs duties and taxes, you should warn your customer of this additional charge. You don’t want your customer to refuse the goods and have them returned at your cost. When shipping internationally, make sure you consider varying exchange rates and bank transfer times. This will make sure you’re not left out of pocket waiting for your customers to pay; particularly if they are paying on receipt of goods.
  4. In all cases with business, you protect yourself and minimise your risk. This is the same with international shipping; particularly with imports. Be wary who you share your account number with, and who can ship on your account; as you are ultimately liable for all shipments on your account number.

Did you know InXpress also ship road and air freight? InXpress will help you with all your shipping to ensure your delivery arrives each and every time to suit your business needs. Whatever you need to ship to anywhere in the world, contact us today to discuss your best international options.