How InXpress franchisees grow their business with help from corporate

Forget the ivory tower – InXpress’ HQ support team is made up of active franchisees who teach from experience

InXpress franchise

InXpress is a global shipping logistics company where franchisees never touch the boxes. We offer customers global reach with a personal touch.

How good is InXpress’ training and support? Just ask InXpress franchisee Manav Gupta, who’s based in Princeton, New Jersey:

“I remember I just wanted to rip my shirt off and conquer the world, like, ‘Get me out there! I am ready to rule this thing!’ ” Gupta says. “Everything has been designed very well. The boot camp training is phenomenal — it’s not just sales training. They give you a knowledge base and a lot of motivation as well. That’s what really hits you.”

InXpress is a global shipping franchise that helps small and mid-sized businesses get discount pricing and increased customer support that carriers typically reserve for Fortune 1000 companies. We access these deals for clients through cooperative buying that bundles the revenues of these small businesses together.

How does the business grow?

InXpress is a home-based business in which franchisees don’t actually touch the boxes being shipped. Instead, they sign up clients to ship through InXpress, and InXpress secures discounts and advises clients on the most cost-efficient shipping methods. While the value proposition is simple to explain to potential clients — we save you money and provide personal service — it’s not the type of business where people just walk in for a hamburger, or to make some copies. Outbound sales are a must for client acquisition, and great customer service is needed to retain customers. We provide franchisees training and support to help them master both.

From pre-training online modules to intensive training in our boot camp session to ongoing advice from one of our dedicated business coaches, InXpress has all the pieces in place to ensure our franchisees, whether new to our company or several years in, have all the tools they need to efficiently manage and grow their business. Our experienced leadership team is there to help with training from day one.

Our Sandy, Utah-based staff at headquarters helps with some of the administrative heavy lifting — we do all of the invoicing and collections, for instance. Almost everyone on our executive team is also an InXpress franchise owner, so they understand what it takes to be successful.

“I’ve had the challenges, the ups and downs,” says Ken BrockBank, Chief Training Officer and co-owner of the Evanston, Wyoming, InXpress franchise. “I can teach not only what works but what doesn’t work. We understand the path it takes to make you successful. And if you follow the model, you’re going to be successful.”


From start to success

Before launching, franchisees spend a week in the field calling on potential customers so they can get a taste of what it’s going to be like when they’re up and running. We monitor the process and help tweak it to make sure your growth trajectory stays on target. We set daily touch goals and offer analytics to help you reach your potential. As your business grows, we help you stay on track.

“They’ve really got dedicated people who oversee what we’re doing and help us to hold ourselves accountable,” says Gupta. “They’ve got the right coaches there to help the franchise owners think. A lot of owners can get too much into the day-to-day. It’s very important to take a step back and take a 30,000-foot overview.

“It’s great how they go about coaching individuals,” he says. “I think they’re doing a phenomenal job.”

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