InXpress Reaches $1M Milestone

InXpress USA reached $100 million in system sales, a 53% growth YoY, largely due to the urgent need and superior care SMB companies require to navigate supply chain challenges and other marketplace impacts.

“People come to us because of our technology and network connections through strong partnerships with world-class carriers, but they stay with us because each account is handled by equally committed local account managers, who strive to find the best solutions for every customer,” said Dustin Hansen, CEO InXpress of Americas. “With countless businesses looking to reduce shipping headaches, we’ve invested heavily in our technology platform to save our customers time and money.”

The value-add technology includes accurate quote comparison based on real-time data, clear visibility features and easy integration capabilities with e-commerce and other platforms.

As the demand for shipping services climbs, InXpress projects to add additional skilled and qualified account executives and franchise partners to reach more small-to-medium size businesses.

“The business model is based on global efficiency for our customers, and our expansion to create a further impact for entrepreneurs around the world starts with building up our network of highly dedicated account executives and experienced franchisees.”

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