Why is a Logistics Franchise a Great Source of Residual Income?

residual income franchise graph

One of the biggest draws to owning an InXpress franchise is the potential for residual income. From the numbers, it’s clear our business model works to give our team members a better quality of life, and greater financial stability. But why–and how–does it work so well?

The answer’s in our business model. Let’s take a closer look.

Essentially, our model works because we have excellent relationships in the industry. We utilize the buying power of shipping giants like DHL without passing exorbitant costs on to the customers who ship through our franchise. They won’t find a more efficient solution–without breaking the bank–so they stay loyal.

That loyalty is a key reason you can count on residual income as a franchise owner. As long as your customers are in business, they’ll need to ship. And as long as they recognize the value they’re getting, they’ll use your franchise to do it. Here’s the best part: you get a percentage on everything that every customer ships.

A steady stream of income from customers who will always need your services: sounds great, right?  Here’s what makes the deal even sweeter: our franchise owners never have to ship a single package.

When you buy a franchise, you have two main responsibilities when working with your customers:

First, you sell them the services they need according to what their product is, how far it’s going, and how (soon) they want to get the product to their customers. The secret to being a successful franchise owner, at the end of the day, is a personalized sales approach that aligns with the needs of each customer.

Once you have them set up with shipping solutions, your focus is service. If they’re having problems getting product ready to ship in time,  have questions about the cost, or can’t find something they shipped to a customer, you’re their point-person. You act as the liaison between them, the carrier, and the InXpress corporate team. Other than the occasional troubleshooting you have to do when issues come up with shipping, many franchise owners simply chat monthly with each customer to address their concerns and see if they need to change any shipping services. Since the carrier and the InXpress team take on the shipping and back-of-house responsibilities, respectively, your focus can remain on nurturing and building that customer base, and the residual income it provides.

What’s more, our franchising model is home-based, so you don’t face many costs that the owner of a brick-and-mortar franchise would incur. This keeps the initial investment of the franchise low, the ongoing margin higher, and the residual income more substantial over time.

As you can see, if you’re looking for a business opportunity with potential for a loyal, long-term customer base, high flexibility, and steady residual income, owning a franchise with InXpress could be the career move you’ve been waiting for!