From Obstacle to Opportunity: My InXpress Success Story

By Derek Henderson, InXpress Franchise Owner

Seattle, WA, USA

 franchise opportunity story Derek HendersonI’m humbled–and honored–to own one of the most successful InXpress franchises in the country. I work from home, can make my family a priority, and continue to generate a seven-figure revenue from year to year. But the road to success hasn’t always been smooth. Luckily, my obstacles turned out to be more than that– they were opportunities for growth and success. 

The Turning Point

Before InXpress, I had about 5 years of corporate Business-to-Business sales experience at Fortune 500 companies. About 3 of those years were spent at DHL–the primary shipping partner for InXpress–so I feel lucky to have started with a good, solid foundation in understanding the shipping and logistics industry. But when DHL had a major downsize, I was without a job.  That’s when a friend came to me with the InXpress franchise opportunity. His dream and vision were contagious! I saw how InXpress had the best parts of a career in sales, without many of the hangups of being in the corporate world. It was a fork in the road for me. I thought, Wow, what if I could actually make this work? What if I could be my own boss and have the freedom and lifestyle that comes from owning your own business– without having to build it from the ground up. That inspired me, so I went for it.

Sales + Service = Success

One of the best parts of working with InXpress is that– as long as you are dedicated to sales, and committed to serving your customers–you can make this “Business in a Box” work for you! I don’t have any higher education; just a high school diploma. And I’m more successful–and happier–in my career than I ever thought possible. While it may not be the right opportunity for you if you don’t have a background in sales, a commitment to learning the ropes of sales is a great start. When it comes to being successful with an InXpress franchise: the structure is there, the support is there. You just have to show up and be willing to do what it takes to make it happen for your business!

Challenges are a Chance to Grow

InXpress appealed to my entrepreneurial spirit because I could make most of my own decisions and “be my own boss”. Still, I’ve had to learn to balance that impulse with the requirement to work within a system in order to maintain a unified sense of the brand. For instance, even though I can’t express my creativity in the usual ways [branding, message, etc.], InXpress still offers plenty of opportunities to leverage creative thinking. Whether it’s thinking outside the box to problem-solve for my customers, or helping them personalize shipping solutions for their small business, I get to come up with new ways to engage in meaningful sales and service all the time. As long as I stay aware of my strengths and weaknesses, work at times (and in spaces) where I am most productive, and remember to look at challenges as windows for growth, I can keep moving forward in my business.

Why InXpress?

I know there are a lot of franchise options out there. But with InXpress, I found freedom. I got to build a client base from the ground up and could see my success clearly. I could finally work my own hours, and answer to myself. Not to mention the financial opportunity is tremendous compared to most other options. No brick and mortar location means a very modest investment– and big returns. And if you need help along the way, no problem! I’ve found guidance for every aspect of my business, including outstanding support from the franchisor, and fellow franchisees who are always willing to strategize with you when the going gets tough. It’s truly a community, and I’m so glad to be a part of it.

Are You Ready to Take the Leap?

I know: the thought of owning your own business is energizing like nothing else. But you want to make sure you’ve done your homework before making any major life change, especially one that can affect the financial future of your family. So, before you decide to invest in InXpress: commit to being all-in. Make sure you have strategies in mind to identify opportunities for business, and for closing those opportunities with confidence when they do cross your path. [This is where that support system will really come in handy!] If you can use that momentum to keep moving forward– and stay in it to win it for the long haul–I have no doubt owning an InXpress franchise will transform your life and career for the better, just like it did mine.

Here’s to your success! – Derek