Owning a Home Based Franchise: Challenges and Opportunities

shipping franchise opportunity home based

If you’re considering a shipping franchise opportunity with InXpress, you’ve no doubt been drawn to the idea of owning a home based franchise. We don’t blame you! But before you make an investment, it’s good to know the challenges and benefits of the decision. Let’s take a closer look:


Owning a shipping franchise does have some difficult hurdles, they’re all things that can be prepared and planned for, particularly if you have a knack for sales and a passion for top-notch customer service.

  • Multiple Concurrent Responsibilities and Deadlines: You’ll have to be a jack–and master–of all trades when owning your own franchise. You’re owner, the head of customer service, director of marketing, and chief sales strategist. It can be a lot to juggle, especially when deadlines and other business demands overlap on your calendar.
  • Distractions: Everyone has distractions, no matter where they work But a shipping franchise opportunity based at home increases the probability and frequency of those distractions. If you’re going to work from home, you’ll have to be dedicated to doing the work of the franchise at a time (and place) most efficient for your goals, and convenient for your customers.
  • Organization: When you have to juggle so many responsibilities and distractions, organization is key to making the most of your shipping franchise opportunity. But if you can find a quiet space, a time frame when you’re “in the zone”, and tips and tricks to automate and streamline your processes, you’ll do just fine working from home. 


When you own a shipping franchise, opportunity is all around you. There are plenty of benefits for any franchisee, and working from home adds appeal for many. Some of the most notable things our franchisees enjoy about their business:

  • Freedom: This is perhaps the greatest draw for our team members who are tired of reporting to, working for, and otherwise being stuck in the corporate world. You get to set your schedule, choose your base of operations, and decide your own strategies within a proven framework. As long as you’re willing to put in the work, it’s a recipe for success.
  • A model that works: With an InXPress shipping franchise, you get business and trade models that have had proven success across multiple territories throughout the industry.
  • High margin: Perhaps one of the most appealing benefits is the high margin you can expect after putting a due amount of work into your franchise. Since you don’t have a brick-and-mortar location, your initial investment is lower. This leaves the opportunity for more profit over time,

Different types of businesses work for different entrepreneurs. Home based work isn’t for people who want to leave work at the office, work a rigid schedule, or have a set routine and responsibilities. But if you are looking for a flexible way to work within a strong brand, owning a shipping franchise is an endeavor full of opportunity for you.