Business Ownership With InXpress Franchising – A New Career

Business Executives

Forecasted growth and stability are advantages that accompany working for large corporations. However, after years of dedication, hard work and company loyalty, very few of your efforts trickle down to benefit you. Business ownership with InXpress franchising offers you the opportunity to put a career’s worth of experience to work for you.

What it takes to be a InXpress franchise owner

InXpress franchising allows you to focus your efforts towards building your own future and creating your own legacy. Experience is on your side after a career’s worth of developing strategic plans, managing teams, and directing the growth of companies in corporate America.

Our Ideal Franchise Candidates Are:

  • Tenacious business builders who are never satisfied until they dominate the market.
  • Goal-oriented, set high expectations and are driven by measurable results.
  • Deeply commitment to success for themselves and their customers.
  • Prefer unique, scalable, quality service and solution-oriented concepts.
  • Actively seek out opportunities for continued personal improvement.

Is Owning a Franchise a Good Fit For Me?

Creating a Better Trajectory for the Future Can Be as Simple as Purchasing an InXpress Franchise

Franchise ownership is the ideal opportunity to exit the corporate sphere and build a new career modeled on the life you’re ready for. Joining InXpress allows you to flex your work muscles, so to speak, and put into practice the skill set you have built and strengthened over the years. Qualities like organizational capabilities, strategic thinking, team management, coaching, and sales are valuable attributes for franchise owners. As Entrepreneur Magazine’s Top Growth Franchise of 2020, InXpress is an excellent option for any business executive looking for a new challenge.

A Brief Run-Down of What an InXpress Franchise Owner Can Expect

Our global shipping business is a high-touch, low-cost opportunity to earn repeat business. You can expect to work hard at first, as the first six months are the most crucial in setting up your franchise. InXpress franchise owners are the driving force behind the success of their business, which allows you to grow at the rate you desire. Our business model requires more sales hustle than skill, and owning an InXpress franchise will put your leadership skills to the test.

InXpress Business executives

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