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InXpress Managers

Management Professionals Excel at Owning a Franchise

Business management professionals and company directors have what it takes to own and successfully run an InXpress franchise. Your background and career experience make you an ideal candidate because you know what it takes to stay calm under pressure and focused on the task at hand. An experienced manager identifies the most efficient way through any challenges that arise and effectively handles it because they follow a proven process. InXpress franchise ownership enables you to execute the skills that make you a leader for the benefit of your own business and the business of your customers.
You’re a pro at everything from scheduling to coaching, from managing people to projecting revenue and everything in between. You’re able to keep all the balls in the air and everyone rowing the boat in the same direction making you an ideal InXpress franchisee.

What it takes to be a InXpress franchise owner

You know what it takes to stay calm under pressure and focused on the task at hand. You see the most effective and efficient way through any challenge that arises because you follow a proven process, executing the skills that make you a leader.

These Qualities Include:

  • Possibilities lead to actualities.
  • Effective plans are developed and executed accurately.
  • Seeks productivity and control in an efficient, structured and busy environment.
  • Directions are followed and results are experienced and calculated.
  • They have a fast-decisive pace that is usually highly accurate.
  • They excel at delegating with goal attainment as top priority.

Am I Ready for the Challenges Franchise Ownership Presents?

InXpress Managers

Investing is Franchise Ownership is a Legacy Worth the Effort

It takes desire, drive and passion to own your own business, traits that you have in spades. Franchise ownership is an investment and requires a financial commitment. Fortunately, InXpress has one of the lowest investment rates with no products to purchase, overhead to account for or inventory to house. Owning a franchise does not require previous experience in the logistics industry because the InXpress proven business model is an excellent fit for people who are highly engaged with their customers, as well as directors who enjoy working behind the scenes. So, whether you thrive on staying involved in the day-to-day operations of your business or keep things moving from the office, you’ll excel at running an InXpress franchise.

What an InXpress Franchise Owner Can Expect

Your position will be one of trust with your customers. Our franchisees provide one-on-one customer service that the big carriers don’t offer. Customer loyalty is developed through simple calls and visits with your customers instead of talking to a call center 7,000 miles away. They have direct access to you when they need it, reducing frustrations and increasing customer retention. You will enjoy long-term revenue streams from these business relationships as an InXpress franchise owner. As you develop deeper relationships with your customer the recurring revenue becomes a platform from which you can grow your business by adding new customers.

What to expect

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