Sales Professionals Excel With InXpress Franchise Ownership

InXpress Sales Professionals

InXpress Franchise Ownership is Made for Sales Professionals

Sales professionals know how to use the business acumen and people skills they possess to their advantage, which is what makes them a good salesperson. It’s this talent and skill set that makes them successful InXpress franchise owners. If you excel at sales and every conversation you have is persuasive, our business opportunities may be your perfect fit.
Our value proposition is easy to demonstrate and communicate to customers, you just have to get in the door to have a conversation. You are built for InXpress franchise ownership, which gives you the ability to play to your strengths while thriving in a structured environment.

Play to your strengths with InXpress franchise ownership

As a successful sales pro you’re persuasive, “Hustle” is your middle name, and you can turn any conversation into a sale. You thrive on setting and achieving goals and celebrate when you exceed your projection.

Our Franchise Candidates Show:

  • The ability to build a high level of trust and form credibility-based relationships.
  • A comprehensive and accurate understanding of the customers’ business environment and business drivers.
  • An elevated focus on collaborative solutions to help customer achieve their objectives.
  • Dedication and are invested for the long-term relationship.

How Lucrative is Franchise Ownership?

InXpress Sales Professionals

Hard Work, Hustling and Look Forward to the Future

We aren’t only looking for previous business owners to purchase and run our franchises, and although experience helps, it’s not the primary attribute we are looking for because we know that it’s the skill set and mindset that make for good franchisees. Our executive team knows what the franchisees need because many too are franchise owners, running their own locations. Therefore, the InXpress business model is lean and easy-to-follow with the opportunity for scalability and success built in.
We provide training where the curriculum and education is centered around everything you need to know to effectively run a franchise. InXpress has also developed easy-to-use, web-based proprietary technology that is fully integrated so everything you need is contained within the system. Our franchisees also have a cloud-based CRM that supports marketing campaigns, sales reporting, customer information and shipping data.

What to Expect With InXpress Franchise Ownership

As a franchise owner, you will be putting your sales expertise into play as there is more sales hustle than skill. Franchisees call on small and mid-sized businesses, learn about their needs and offer real and measurable savings to these businesses, and the customer starts saving immediately. As customers continue to have positive experiences with you, they will typically bring a larger share of the available business to your franchise, building a residual income stream.
Our business provides a valuable ongoing revenue stream to the InXpress owner. You will need to be organized as you continue to touch base with your existing customer base while reaching out to new prospects and increase the customer roster. As you grow the business you can either pivot to a customer service mindset and hire a sales team or employees to manage customers while you remain focused on selling.

InXpress Sales Professionals

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