The Top-Rated Franchise for Veterans to Own

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Veterans Succeed With Franchise Ownership

As a veteran, you excel at being a leader while working cohesively within a team. You know when to pull ahead and when to join forces. This skill set will serve you well as an InXpress franchise owner. Veterans have strong communication skills, can follow a plan to the letter with great results and be flexible enough to pivot when a better solution presents itself. The advantages of owning a business, building a legacy and investing in your future ensure that InXpress is a great opportunity for veterans. Our business model provides veterans with a supportive structure and environment along with the ability to see the immediate results of hard work.

You were made to be an InXpress franchise owner

As you are moving into a new stage of your life, InXpress franchise ownership allows your extensive experience and training to work for you. Strong communication skills, adherence to a process, and flexibility are strengths that will carry you forward as a franchisee.

Our Veteran Franchisees
Attributes Are:

  • Value stability, differentiation and control.
  • Hard-driving and focused on positioning, rank among peers, and continued success and growth.
  • Enjoys winning and will do what’s necessary to exceed expectations.
  • Long-term focus on achievement of measurable goals and targets.
  • Focused on relationships with customers, consultants, suppliers, and more.

Do I Need a Background in Logistics to Own an InXpress Franchise?

InXpress Veterans

Franchising is Working Together to Achieve a Common Goal

If you haven’t worked in the freight and logistics industry before, you have nothing to worry about. InXpress supports our veteran franchise owners with thorough training and proprietary technology that keeps everything aligned and moving forward. Our business model is designed to create a successful and affordable process for the customer and build personal wealth for the franchise owner.
Even with logistics experience, transitioning to a business owner can be difficult and have a steep learning curve. Whether it’s questions about our proprietary software, troubleshooting issues or implementing best practices, we have coaches and InXpress mentors ready to help. Many of our veteran franchise owners have never owned businesses before and go on to excel with InXpress franchising due to support, sharing knowledge, and proven methods.

A Brief Run-Down of What an InXpress Franchise Owner Can Expect

As a veteran who owns an InXpress franchise, you would need to use your people skills to sign customers and find solutions to fulfill all their shipping needs, which range from local to international, and include import and export options too. All the complexities of shipping lie with the actual carrier, so you’re never required to handle parcels or packages. As the InXpress shipping franchise owner, you facilitate access and the significant discounts that come from our group buying power. The carriers and shippers literally do all the heavy lifting.

InXpress Veterans

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