A Fresh Look at Franchising With Young Entrepreneurs

InXpress Young Entrepeneurs

Franchise Seeking Young Business Professionals

Energy and passion are on your side as a young entrepreneur. You’re ready to make an impact by creating a career that you are enthusiastic about which also supports your personal and professional goals for the long-term. Flexibility, high revenue potential, longevity and breaking the status quo matter as much as personal satisfaction and contentment do. InXpress franchise ownership allows you to meet those high expectations for yourself.
Today’s business climate is focused on generating usable income and a satisfying work-life balance. An InXpress franchise opportunity is an excellent way to have both. Young entrepreneurs are an ideal candidate to own a logistics business because of their desire to drive the momentum of their chosen career path.

What it takes to be a InXpress franchise owner

Are you ready for the next big adventure? If you’re a young, hungry entrepreneur ready to take on your future, InXpress franchise ownership is waiting for you!

These Qualities Include:

  • Energetic with a zeal for life, which is always on your side because of your positive outlook.
  • Forge your own path and make your own way.
  • Desire to create a career you enjoy and that supports your professional and personal goals.
  • Crave flexibility with high revenue potential.
  • You’ve got high expectations for yourself and you enjoy a challenge.

Is Owning a Franchise a Good Fit For Me?

InXpress Young Entrepeneurs

Can I Own A Franchise Without Previous Experience?

Owning a franchise is a promising advantage for young professionals because you’re buying into an existing and successful business. We have a proven business model that is designed for success. Your hunger and drive are what will excel you to the top in your area and ensure you become a recognized contender. Our franchises allow the individual to achieve their desired lifestyle without settling for the status quo.

A Brief Run-Down of What an InXpress Franchise Owner Can Expect

InXpress is looking for team members with a fresh perspective on entrepreneurship and want to make a success of their own business. We are proud that our franchise model is easy to follow and supported by an engaging home office and sources of outreach. Whether our owners are just entering the workforce after graduation, have young families to care for or excited to start a business that carries them through retirement, owning an InXpress franchise provides a stable life now and in the future.
Our market is not over saturated, so you do not have to contend with other locations for customers. An additional advantage for investing in your own franchise is you don’t need to have any experience in the freight industry. We provide you with all the education and training needed to operate your own franchise as well as manage a team and remain in alignment with brand guidelines.

InXpress Young Entrepeneurs

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