2020 Outlook for Franchising

InXpress Americas CEO Dustin Hansen was recently asked by Franchising World magazine to comment on two key questions related to franchising in 2020:

Question 1: What is your outlook for your business and the franchising community?

Dustin Hansen: Outlook for 2020 is very strong and encouraging. At some point, we will see the market soften to the level of the recession. That will simply require a continuation of disciplined business execution. The opportunity for the franchise community to expand and add more units is increasing. The desire of the millennials and the capital held by boomers will continue to create opportunities for brands to grow and expand. We do not feel there are lead generation issues facing franchising, but there are franchise development process issues that can create challenges for brands looking to add more units.

Question 2: What are the top issues facing your franchise system for 2020, and what advice would you give on how to counteract them?

Dustin Hansen: Global trade challenges and increased market competitiveness continue to be a challenge for our business. To overcome these challenges and continue driving the same aggressive growth we have experienced over the past decade, we have invested heavily in value creation IT tools and capabilities, talented people and disciplined business processes.

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