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A day in the life of an InXpress franchisee

A typical day for an InXpress franchisee is about calling on customers

Annie Miller can tell you the three little words you need to know to build and grow your customer base: Knock on doors. Small and medium-sized businesses are always looking for ways to become more profitable and efficient, and InXpress franchisees can quickly demonstrate the real savings we offer.

The South Florida-based InXpress franchisee explains she doesn’t have a particular customer profile that she focuses on. “I have companies that distribute food, I have companies that distribute aircraft parts, I have companies that have online stores, I have companies that distribute forklift parts, I have companies that distribute documents,” she says.

“The ultimate customer is someone who ships something every day, but essentially, if they import or export something at least once a week, that’s an ideal customer.”

InXpress franchisee promiseSince becoming an InXpress owner in 2013, Annie has learned not to worry about focusing in on any one commercial segment. She has created a rhythm that works for her: Two days a week are devoted to cold-calling and finding leads.

“If I have any leads I’ve been trying to get into for a long time, I’m warm calling them,” she says. “Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. On those two or three days a week when I’m out knocking on doors my goal is to see as many companies as I can that I know are shipping.

“I don’t necessarily focus on any specific industries; I just knock on doors.”

Our value proposition for customers is simple. We offer:

Local logistics support. If you’re IBM, you don’t need this. But small-market customers don’t have in-house logistics teams. They don’t have access to big-business discounts, or to intelligence into dozens of carrier options and the best ways to save money. InXpress provides the personal, local touch that guides them to the services they need, either at home or abroad.

Better service in the international market. DHL has better coverage overseas than either UPS or FedEx, both of whom focus on domestic markets. A small- or medium-sized company that needs to import machinery components from France or ship manufacturer’s samples to India can benefit from the InXpress-DHL relationship. Our customer service augments DHL’s, and we use our bulk purchasing agreements with DHL to secure lower prices for clients.

Simplified shipping platforms. InXpress offers customers a technological advantage, because our platform is not one-size-fits-all; it’s designed specifically for small to medium-sized businesses (SMEs). Customers take advantage of a user-friendly software platform that allows them to evaluate their shipping options and get a cost estimate. If they have any questions, they simply call their local InXpress franchisee.