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What our franchisees are saying about InXpress

From relationships to residuals, InXpress franchisees find a lot to love about home-based business

“We build relationships with third parties. It would be very hard if I had trucks and planes I had to coordinate and packages to deal with. We’re a third-party logistics company, and one of the things I love about InXpress is they’re always looking to revamp and build new vendor relationships. I’m very excited to see where we are in 5 years.”
—Annie Miller, Parks, Florida

“This business has changed my life. Not just financially — I have the ability to know how to make money in this world — but really it’s the growth and learning. I’ve learned to become a student of learning from the top people at the InXpress corporate office. They’re all students of learning; I try to emulate what they have done. That has fueled me to embark on this journey of success. When you step up as a business owner, it really challenges you to become a different type of person.”
—Manav Gupta, Princeton, New Jersey

“Well, the model is simple: The more sales you make, the more margin you make. The harder you work, the more margin you make. It’s all residual income. The reason why our numbers have increased year over year is because we work every day, Monday through Friday. This is not rocket science; it’s called sales. Follow the model, work it FULL TIME and you will be successful.”
—Mark Lyon, Katy, Texas
inxpress franchisee relationships“It’s a lot of work at the beginning, but the rewards are well worth it. I love what I do every day so it makes it not feel like work! I am planning to bring my son on board when he graduates from college,  and he is already looking forward to joining InXpress! He has seen first-hand the possibilities, and I am excited to show him the opportunity he has to continue growing with my business and to learn what owning your own business is all about.”

—Cathy Battreall, Jacksonville, Florida, top-earning InXpress franchisee in 2015

“I like the flexibility and freedom. I run the business on my own and I love it. I just came off this last year as the fastest growing franchise in the nation. Once you get it, you get it. I just get a high off that. There’s just no stopping you once you understand it. It’s nice to be able to work my own hours, create my own schedule and know I don’t have to wake up every morning and drive somewhere and clock in.”
—Kyle Catalfamo, Los Angeles

“I chose to invest in InXpress because I can work with any company in any industry with any products in any vertical. I talk to CFOs, operations managers and company owners, and it really gives me an education. It’s actually approaching franchising from a more operational view. I sort of fell in love with the industry as a whole and what it teaches you about owning a business. I think a lot of my customer base is reflected in that.”
—Alexandra Lesser, Chicago

“The residual nature of it is huge. Customers that I set up my first month in business in 2010 are still my customers today. That’s a really compelling argument for this business: You really have the opportunity to build the residuals. The DHL partnership is another thing I really appreciate. It’s one of those other items that attracted me to this business.”
—Cliff Peeke

“I love that for a small investment, you can build financial freedom. The opportunity to be in a niche market is awesome. This allows more opportunity for consultation than selling an everyday domestic product. I love this business.”
—Tom Morris, Provo, Utah