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Who is InXpress?

High touch, low cost and the opportunity to earn repeat business in the global shipping industry

The phrase “global shipping logistics franchise” has a tendency to sound more compIex than it is. InXpress is not a shipping franchise; our people never touch the packages. We’re a home-based services reseller, a business based on making connections and building relationships. We are a nearly $150 million franchise system that helps small and mid-sized businesses grow by providing access to best-in-class shippers at discounted rates typically offered only to large corporations. The carriers benefit by outsourcing some of the customer service to us, and the franchisees earn money by finding customers who are looking for a combination of lower costs and better service.

We joined forces with global shipping leader DHL in 2006 in the U.S. In 2009, we gained market entrance to Australia and New Zealand. The following year, we were doing business in India, Thailand, Indonesia and Singapore, some of the world’s top export markets doing business with the U.S. In the ensuing years we gained entrance to Korea, Malaysia, France and Canada. We have nearly 100 franchises here in the U.S. and roughly 300 worldwide working with DHL and shipping to over 220 countries.

Our mission

InXpress first opened in the United Kingdom in 1999 and started franchising in the United States in 2006, when CEO Dustin Hansen opened the first InXpress Americas franchise in Atlanta. We’re currently operating in 12 countries with some 300 franchisees worldwide, and we only partner with reliable, trustworthy shipping companies.

Our mission is to provide franchise owners with a way to build their businesses while providing best-in-class customer service with a personal touch to all our clients. We focus on the little guy, the small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with anywhere from 2 to 500 employees who normally wouldn’t qualify for discounts from the big carriers.

Our company has been growing at a pace of well over 20% year-over-year in an industry that racks up $700 billion in the U.S. alone, and is itself growing at a rapid pace. We can only grow at this pace through our continued effort to find new customers while keeping the customers we have. Our high customer retention shows customers are experiencing real value with our low-cost, high-touch approach.

When Cathy Battreall, a pharmacist by training, was working in home medical equipment sales before joining InXpress, she saw an opportunity to start a home infusion service line. She approached numerous suppliers, but because hers was such a small business, she simply couldn’t make money at the high prices suppliers quoted.

“I joined a buyer’s group and was able to pay a fraction of the cost the suppliers offered,” she says. “I see InXpress as a buying group for small businesses. It doesn’t matter what you’re selling or for how much; the bottom line is, how much does it cost to get it to your customer’s door? We help small businesses keep their competitive edge.”

Who are we looking for?

Thinking about becoming an InXpress franchisee? You must have sales experience or an aptitude for sales. A background in the shipping industry isn’t really important. What matters most is your drive, your ability to follow a proven business model and your love of the authentic relationship-building that drives sales. We can develop your sales skills as long as you have the desire to learn.

The purchase price of our franchise is $65,000, and we recommend that our franchise candidates have a minimum of $75,000 in liquid assets.

The difference between us and so many other franchise companies is that our Executive Team understands intimately what it takes to run an InXpress franchise — because they’re all franchise owners themselves. Our leadership learned the business in the trenches. We know what works — and what doesn’t — first-hand. And we’ll be there to support you every step of the way.

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