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What makes InXpress a good business for the right person?

Low entry cost with high potential returns

As a home based business, InXpress offers franchisees a low cost of entry. There’s no need to start off with bricks-and-mortar, equipment or employees, so your costs to get started are modest. The most successful franchisees won’t spend too much time sitting in their home office though — especially not initially. Instead, they will spend their time introducing themselves and their solution to as many businesses as possible. The value proposition is simple: Lower costs on shipping, and much stronger service than big carriers can offer. Signing up clients is how you hit break-even, and build a highly profitable, highly scalable business.

We are first and foremost a business built on sales skills. Our business model is based on creating residual income from customers with ongoing shipping needs. We seek them out and tell them about our buying power, our world-class carrier partners and our international reach with global shipping leader DHL. When they realize they can save from 11% to 33%, on average, they tend to sign on with InXpress. When they discover our unparallelled, personalized customer service, they tend to stay.

What else makes InXpress a good business? We are:

Home based business. Being a home-based business really means you can work from anywhere, and your commute will be a breeze. It’s flexibility at its best.

High touch, low price. A franchise fee of $50,000 will get you in the door. There’s no inventory to buy. There are no territories to worry about. You don’t have to wait on a lengthy build-out or hire and train a large staff.

White collar. InXpress is not a shipping franchise, and it’s not a pack-and-ship center. We are a white-collar franchise, a third-party, business-to-business logistics company. We connect customers to the right carrier, and our franchisees make a commission off every shipment.

We never touch the boxes.

So, what distinguishes a top performing franchise owner? “As complicated as we sometimes we want to make it, it truly comes down to doing the drill,” says Cory Mitchell, a Provo, Utah-based franchisee of InXpress USA.