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Next Steps

How to become an InXpress franchisee

What happens after you fill out a form on the site? Here’s our step-by-step guide:

  1. Once you fill out an application, we’ll review your form to make sure you’re a good potential candidate to become an InXpress franchisee. We’ll call you and guide you through the educational foundation of our company and your investment. You’ll attend a webinar and learn more about the model and the brand, and we’ll determine whether we both want to move forward. If both parties feel it’s a good fit, we’ll have you sign a non-disclosure confidentiality agreement.
  2. You’ll have a phone conversation with our CEO Dustin Hansen, and if we’re all on the same page, we’ll move on to franchisee validation and we’ll send you our Franchise Disclosure Document.
  3. You’ll come to our South Jordan, Utah, offices for Discovery Day, where you’ll find out what our leadership team does and how they help support franchisees to create a successful business. You’ll interview us, and we’ll interview you. You’ll go through the process of securing financing for your new franchise.
  4. After you sign your franchise agreement, we’ll start training, beginning with our online learning modules and then attend our two-week consecutive training at our corporate offices. The Monday after training, we will assign you a personal business coach. Your coach will help assist you on setting benchmarks and mapping out the course of your franchise success plan.
  5. Finally, you’ll return home, where you can expect a 2-day support visit in your market with your business coach followed by weekly phone calls where they’ll review your activity, answer your questions and help strategize your next steps.

To get the process started, fill out the application form below.