InXpress first started operating in 1999 in the United Kingdom, providing shipping discounts to an overlooked market. As globalization took off in the 1990s, small and medium-sized businesses were increasingly in need of someone to ship goods both in and out of the country, but their shipping volume was simply too small to merit the kind of discounts and services handed out to larger corporate customers.

That’s why InXpress stepped up. Our founders figured out how to combine the power of bundling to win discounts and provided one-on-one customer service that the big shippers weren’t providing. The solution was a win for customers, our shipping partners and for franchisees. We amped up business revenues for shippers by tapping into a largely ignored market, and we created a means for eager entrepreneurs to earn income and achieve their financial goals by bringing much-needed services and discounts to their local business community.

Service comes to the United States with InXpress Franchise

In 2006, Dustin Hansen, now the CEO of InXpress Americas, opened the first North America franchise in Atlanta, GA after InXpress joined forces with global shipping leader DHL. He sold the franchise in 2017, but his 11 years of experience provides Dustin with particularly keen insights into the needs of our franchisees. Much of our leadership team have owned and operated the same model franchisees operate today.

In 2009, we gained market entrance to Australia and New Zealand. The following year, we were doing business in India, Thailand, Indonesia and Singapore, some of the world’s top export markets doing business with the U.S. In the ensuing years we gained entrance to Korea, Vietnam, France, Canada, Hong Kong and Germany. Since then we’ve grown to nearly 100 franchises in the U.S. and 370+ worldwide. 

Our growth took off so quickly because our first franchisees were able to prove the business model was scalable and could create residual income. And with no geographic boundaries on territories, the opportunities for continued growth are almost limitless.

One key to our success is our partnership with DHL, the world leader in shipping that specializes in overseas trade while carriers like FedEx and UPS do the majority of their business domestically. We’re able to offer big discounts to small and medium-sized businesses by connecting them with DHL or one of our other 48 carrier partners. The carriers handle the actual shipping and logistics. 

“What makes InXpress a great business is you can scale,” says Brand Ambassador Ken BrockBank, who also owns the Irvine, California, franchise. “You can work from home and hire employees if you want, from 1 to 20. You can hire a sales producer or someone who services the customers you onboard. That kind of business model gives you scale, flexibility and independence.”

As technology makes shipping and communications ever more efficient, the need for global reach continues to grow. The $700 billion shipping industry is projected to grow to $1.3 trillion by 2023. InXpress plans to grow along with it, continuously negotiating better rates that franchisees can pass along to their customers.

“There’s massive opportunity in the shipping world,” says Hansen, “and as we look at where we are, we’re only a shadow of what we will become. We’re excited about our growth opportunities, hoping to welcome a couple of hundred more franchise partners, add more services and identify other types of businesses that are in need of our services. Our future is undoubtedly a bright one; the sky’s the limit.”