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What services do we offer?

From small shipments to large, we oversee shipments from every corner of the globe

Our job is simple: Our global shipping logistics franchise sells services to customers. One of our 48 carrier partners then provides the pickup and delivery of the packages. InXpress, the franchisor, handles billing and collections. You, the franchisee, provide the local, personalized customer service to facilitate the entire process.

Here’s a glimpse of the types of services we facilitate and the terms we use:

logistics franchise service LTL


LTL. Less than a truck-load. This is where a customer has one or more pallets shipping from, say, Los Angeles to Chicago. A pallet is a 4×4 wooden or plastic platform that is packed with boxes and easily moved by forklift. This could include any non-perishables shipped in bulk, from Ping-Pong balls to cowboy boots to espresso makers.

logistics franchise service FTL

FTL. Full truck-load. This is where customers purchase or rent an entire truck to accommodate their freight needs. That means the truck driver will go straight from pickup to destination without adding freight from any other customers. A 53-foot trailer can accommodate up to 26 pallets.

logistics franchise service air freight

Heavy air freight. Any shipments over 150 pounds, domestic or international, where DHL pricing isn’t the most beneficial for the customer. The carrier will handle pickup from the customer, coordinate any customs clearance and currency transactions that need to happen along the way, and make sure the freight is delivered to the receiver. An example might be the textile industry where they’re shipping samples back and forth from Asia. Occasionally this category includes bulk shipments of 500-1,000 pounds.