Is the Shipping Industry Big Enough for Me?

Is the shipping industry big enough?

According to data from the US Department of Transportation. The shipping industry is big— big enough for numbers like this:

$700 Billion— Current size of the shipping industry

$1.3 Trillion— Projected size of the industry by 2023 (at the current rate of growth)

So how do InXpress franchisees stay afloat? What’s the secret to big success in the growing shipping industry?

Buying Power– Since we team up with DHL, we can offer buying power and discounts to small-to-medium size business (SMB) owners that they can’t otherwise get. Plus we can bundle services so every client gets the highest value possible  for their investment. This makes us both a price and service leader. Our buying power gives us staying power.

Customer Focus– When it comes to customer service, we’re high-touch. The customer is king (or queen) and we find solutions that can work for a variety of SMBs— and a range of budgets. We don’t think small businesses should get lost in a big industry. And we make sure they won’t. We give them more customer service—and handle more of their shipping needs—at a lower cost than the big names.

Franchise Success– When it comes to our success in the shipping industry, we’re not just talking a big game, our franchise owners are loyal to our brand because their customers are loyal to them. That means revenue keeps growing, and our reputation does, too.

Here’s what one of our shipping franchise owners has to say:

“[What we offer our clients is not like technology or software, which is constantly changing. In the next hundred years people are still going to be shipping. More and more small businesses are opening their doors internationally, and that’s where we focus our attention. [And] I love the residual income. Whatever I get today may pay me years and years and years into the future. I also love the business we’re in, in terms of shipping. You can’t get away from it.” —  franchisee Manav Gupta of Princeton, New Jersey.

If you’re the owner of a small business, it doesn’t matter how big the shipping industry gets. Our franchisees will make sure your business keeps growing along with it by helping you get your product to your customers faster— and at a lower cost—than brands like UPS or FedEx.

If you’re a professional looking for a recession-resistant career with great potential for residual income, we’re eager to connect with anyone who’s ready to step off the corporate ladder— and into career freedom—as one of our newest home-based franchisees.

No matter who you are—the shipping industry is big enough for you—but make sure you’re on our team—as a client or an owner—so you can grow, too!