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Outsource My Shipping

It’s definitely a great thing for a small business owner to know that their business is growing. But it can be stressful and time consuming dealing with those things that are not directly related to their primary responsibilities, but still must be done to keep the business running. We’re commonly asked, “why should I outsource my shipping?”

Shipping and logistics is one of the biggest challenges small-to-medium sized business owners face as their customer base grows. The more customers they serve, the more difficult it is to navigate shipping and logistics by themselves. Fortunately, there are entire companies whose #1 goal is to help entrepreneurs take care of their shipping needs.

We’re commonly asked, “why should I outsource my shipping?” Here’s the top questions we have business owners ask themselves about their current shipping situation.


How much reach do I want?

If you are dreaming of going national—or even global—with your business, that’s possible when working with a shipping and logistics franchise. They have access to big-name carriers, and as a major client of those carriers, they use that buying power to move your product fast and efficiently— no matter where you or your customers may roam.

This capability is especially important in the age of e-commerce. Doing business on the internet means you have the potential to get customers all over the world who are interested in—and loyal to—your business and its products. With a shipping and logistics services franchise in your corner, you can dream big— and make those dreams a reality.

English-speaking consumers live all over the world, with native-English speakers in strong economies like Australia where the ecommerce market exceeds $12 billion and is underserved. In cases where internationalizing your product line (translating packaging, etc.) is a challenge, working with a fulfillment partner allows market testing without making huge investments.


How much time do I have in my day for shipping and logistics?

Chances are, you do allow some time for shipping and packaging of your products. But, with growth comes additional responsibilities, and there are a lot of tasks that a shipping and logistics franchise can take off your shoulders:

  •       Working with carriers
  •       Troubleshooting
  •       Monitoring packaging, pickup, and delivery
  •       Tracking shipments to make sure they arrive at their destination,
  •       Overseeing international shipping concerns (including Customs)
  •       Understanding and meeting shipping regulations in both the home and destination countries
  •       Knowing which carriers to work with for less money, better service, etc.
  •       Knowing the best way to ship and package unique or heavy cargo

As you can see, shipping and logistics for even a small-to-medium sized business is a full time job— and you’ve already got one of those. Working with a shipping services franchise allows you to focus on serving your customers and taking care of business, without wearing yourself out doing work you just weren’t meant to do.


Could I be saving money?

It’s clear that many small-to-medium-sized business owners find that they’re saving time when they outsource their logistics to a shipping services company. But a lot of entrepreneurs find themselves saving money, too. Here’s why:

  • A shipping services franchise isn’t a carrier. They work with major shipping companies (as a liaison) to make sure things are shipped for their clients (business owners).
  • And because they are bringing the carrier a lot of business, they are one of their most important clients.
  • Being a major client of a big carrier gives the shipping services franchise a lot of buying power.
  • They pass the buying power (and savings) they get as a customer with clout to the entrepreneurs using the carrier through their services.

It’s worth noting that—in addition to carriers who move the product—a shipping services franchise has similar buying power with companies who provide packaging, packing materials, and other auxiliary services you need for successful logistics.

Our shipping services experts have worked to save business owners all over the world time—and money—on their shipping and logistics.