Are You Spending WAY Too Much on Shipping?

Too Much on Shipping

Do you know how much you’re spending on packaging, shipping, and other tasks for your business logistics? Chances are—if you’re doing it on your own—the answer is: way too much. Small-to-medium-sized business owners who work with a shipping services franchise such as InXpress save money, plain and simple.

Why does it save money to ship with us? For one thing, we’re not selling you services you don’t need. Every customer we work with has shipping services tailored to their project, their budget, and their shipping needs. Plus, we can take your business wherever you want it to go—even worldwide—for less.

How does that work? We give your small-to-medium-sized business more buying power, because we’ve worked hard to cultivate strong relationships with our carriers. And we pass the savings and efficiency they offer us as one of their biggest clients straight to you and your business. As one of our franchise owners puts it:

“We give you the ability to act like you’re a much larger company. What are you selling and how much does it cost to get it to your door? You’ll pay 10 times what Walmart did for freight. InXpress helps small businesses keep a competitive edge.”

Our service is personalized, and we work with you directly: side-by-side, face-to-face. We do everything we can to get your products to your customers on time, every time. Plus, our software platform has an easy-to-use interface that helps you track your shipments and monitor your services in real time. [If you run into a problem along the way, we’re here to help, anytime, any day.]

Wondering if working with a shipping services franchise is right for you? Our customers run the gamut, our most successful partnerships have some things in common:

  •   Small-to-medium sized businesses
  •    Companies overlooked by large carriers
  •    Companies with fewer than 500 employees
  •   e-Commerce or brick-and-mortar businesses
  •   Import/Export companies
  •   Businesses that use heavy freight
  •    Businesses that want to expand their shipping significantly
  •    Businesses looking to streamline their shipping and logistics costs


We’ve seen how much of a difference it makes to give entrepreneurs a leg up on the competition, cut down their stress, and increase their savings— all at the same time.


We want you to have all the tools and strategies you need to make the right decision for your business. InXpress franchisees can quickly let you know if you’re paying too much on shipping!