Top Industries for International Franchises

international franchise

When looking into international franchise opportunities, you’ll be surprised how many industries are covered. In today’s market, there are franchises that offer consumers just about everything,  from smartphones to fast food. Whatever a customer can hope to purchase, you can easily find a franchise to serve that need.

The appeal of owning a franchise [versus starting a business from scratch] is that you can own a business that operates under a parent company. You are investing in a company that will provide you with your own business, and a profitable future as long as you operate it effectively.

So where might a good place be to start, if there are so many options? Here are a few suggestions from our franchising experts:

Personal Care

With more people than ever focused on their physical health, fitness, and appearance, the Personal Care industry offers many examples of successful franchises. [Some of the most successful businesses around the world are hair salons and gyms.] These businesses offer services that consumers will always need.

Housecleaning and Domestic Services

Many maid and house-cleaning services have also become wildly successful as franchises. Just like their bodies, people enjoy taking care of and promoting the “health” of their homes. Many people enjoy the security of having someone trustworthy come in and clean their houses who is bonded and insured through an international franchise.


Healthcare is an industry that consumers take seriously because these franchises benefit their well-being Through some of these franchises, it is possible to buy supplements in retail stores, get eyeglasses, or even get a therapeutic massage. These are amazing franchise opportunities because–like personal care–healthcare improves customers’ quality of life.


The Restaurant industry is one of the most popular industries for franchising because it crosses borders and works well internationally. No matter where a customer is located, they appreciate good food! In fact, most of the top ten franchises worldwide are all food establishments. These restaurants vary the food they serve according to the country where they’re located, but they still have dishes that are popular with that brand (to please the out-of-towners and tourists). [The rules guiding the franchise are what makes it possible to go to restaurants all around the world and still get the same signature burger or drink.] People will always eat out, even in a less-than-perfect economy. A meal can create a memory, and consumers seek fun dining experiences at many international food franchises across the globe.


Logistics Franchise opportunities are also very popular internationally because citizens of every country need to transport their property, goods, and services. Whether you are moving, run a company, or need to mail something to someone at a great distance, there are logistics companies that can offer the right services to meet your needs. There will always be a need to move parcels and packages, which is why owning a logistics franchise is a great choice.

No matter which international franchise you choose to frequent, many are very successful because they offer services that are always in demand, regardless of cultural differences. Consumers will always seek a franchise because they trust the brand name, and enjoy the services or products offered. It’s no surprise that international franchises are successful in many different industries when consumers have needs that must be met.

Which of these international franchise opportunities sounds the most promising to you (and why)?