Top Performing Franchisee Continues Success with Multi-Unit Growth

Cathy_Battreall_Horz“The potential for growth and the long-term opportunity InXpress presents is functional, it’s flexible and scalable,” shares Battreall. “I made the strategic decision to add franchises so that I could grow faster and these additional businesses have actually added efficiencies that support further growth and profitability for us. Even though our 13-member team is spread out across the U.S., we work together as one.

“The beauty of our business is that customers are everywhere…and sometimes in places you might consider unlikely shippers. It really shows that the possibilities are endless. For example, attorneys in various fields, businesses that attend and exhibit at trade shows, almost everyone ships.”

Formerly a small business owner in the healthcare industry, Battreall knew she had a desire to help people in whatever her work was, but couldn’t see how an international shipping company could meet that goal.

“All my life I have helped people and wanted to keep doing that, even after leaving the healthcare field. I realized that I had a unique perspective as a small business owner that could help other small business owners too…the ability to reduce expenses and increase profitability…and who doesn’t want to make more money?

“I listened to a webinar and attended a Discovery Day and everything moved quickly from there. I met an owner who was operating a very successful InXpress in Provo, Utah, and I thought to myself, ‘I can do this!’ InXpress gave me the framework of their proven model and I was able to take it and go with it.”

Just like Battreall needed the validation that the model worked, she knows that this validation is essential to helping potential candidates make the decision to proceed with an InXpress franchise themselves.

“I highly encourage potential franchisees to validate with as many current and past owners as possible. We’re all so diverse and we bring so many unique traits to the business and yet we all are successful. It really shows that when you follow the model, when you put the work in, you reap the rewards.”

Battreall is quick to point out that success doesn’t happen overnight.

“Work hard, know our systems, utilize the tools you are given and be a student of your own business.”

So, where does she plan to go from here?

“I have one son that has joined my team to start training in the business and another I hope will do the same after he completes college. It’s exciting to think about adding them to our group,” shares Battreall.

“I would not be where I am today without my amazing team. Their dedication coupled with a super bright future in the shipping and logistics industry is encouraging.”

Connect with Cathy Battreall on LinkedIn here. If you are interested in learning more about InXpress, contact us today by giving us a call at 844-514-7447 or filling out the contact form on our site.