Training and support

Our executive leadership team learned the business in the trenches

The difference between us and so many other franchise companies is that our Executive Team understands intimately what it takes to run an InXpress franchise — because most have been franchise owners themselves. Our leadership learned the business in the trenches. We know what works — and what doesn’t — first-hand. The InXpress training and franchise support programs were developed based on their own experiences as franchisees.

We help franchisees understand how to build up their customer bases, from business development to networking and data mining. We have a full-time Help Desk who act as the first line of defense when franchisees have a simple question that needs to be answered, such as how to apply for an account number. When it comes to more complex questions about strategy and maximizing performance, you can call on your experienced business coach.

There are regular training calls and contact with our CEO Dustin Hansen. You can expect regional training meetings and our big national sales meeting every year for both franchisees and their sales reps. We do everything to remove potential obstacles from your pathway to success. We have cultivated a corporate culture of mutual respect and teamwork.

“You’re in business for yourself, not by yourself,” says Paul Knott, Chief Operating Officer.


Initial training

From the time you sign your franchise agreement, our goal is to coach you to success. What does that look like? You can expect field visits where your coach goes door-knocking with you shortly after you complete your InXpress Franchise Business Training near Salt Lake City in South Jordan, Utah. You can look forward to a year of solid weekly communication, key performance indicator analysis, meaningful interaction with our leadership as well as other franchisees, and regular coaching sessions. We’ll walk you through the process of getting a customer and activating a shipment, which is key to building up your residual income.

You only need 4 things to start an InXpress franchise

Ongoing franchise support

Kyle Catalfamo, a Los Angeles-area franchisee, finds the invoicing support to be among the most valuable tools he can count on from InXpress headquarters.

“That’s something we do not have to do, which is amazing as a business owner to not have to worry about payables,” Kyle says. “If we didn’t have that, we’d have to hire an accounting department just to handle it. The franchise support we get from headquarters is just phenomenal.”

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Great Franchise Owners Have Great Mentors

After you have completed your two-week formal training you are matched with an experienced legacy mentor whose wealth of knowledge is an essential component to your success. The “G” in our Values stands for “Gives Back” and that includes internal service as a legacy mentor. Experienced franchise owners are your best resource when it comes to running your business because they provide guidance on issues you encounter operating your own InXpress franchise and will help you avoid unnecessary mistakes. Your mentor is your cheerleader as they encourage, support, push you to stay focused, and challenge you to be “all-in” every day. And most importantly, they honestly become your friends in the company. These valuable connections are part of the reason we are a successful business.

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