Trends in Business That Are Changing the Workforce

business trends

We live in a time where it is both desirable and feasible to run your enterprise from the comfort of home. But that’s not the only trend in business that can benefit existing and prospective business owners. Here are some key trends we recommend our work at home franchise owners keep an eye on to stay ahead in the business world and increase the chances of success of your company.

Gig Economy Grows Business

There is a growing number of skilled professionals who have gone into business for themselves in a variety of fields or trades. A simple Google search will turn up dozens of freelancers that are willing–and qualified–to take on your projects. The boom in the contract and freelance work across so many industries has completely changed the face of the workforce. Freelancers have more people looking for their services; employers have a huge pool of applicants with highly specialized backgrounds, and both the freelancer and the employer/entrepreneur benefit from the relationship. The freelancer gets work, and the business owner can spend more time focusing on top priority clients and projects.

Big Data Analytics Revolutionizes Your Target Audience

No matter the industry, business owners are most successful when they know exactly who makes up the client base they’re targeting. Big Data Analytics makes this possible, by generating specialized reports about their metrics and key demographics. Through this information, you can see what kind of activities customers are participating in to make your approach more conclusive.The result? Business owners can recognize their ideal client or customer a mile away. Big Data Analytics is also taking marketing to the next level since campaigns become more and more targeted (and effective) as more data is generated. It doesn’t matter the size of your business: Big Data is critical to your success, and your leadership in the market/industry. If you’re not utilizing it yet, start now.

Social Media Fuels All Press

If you have a business, but you’re not actively engaged with your clients and community via Social Media, you’re definitely selling yourself short. Almost everyone in the world is using the Internet to stay active on at least one social network– if not several. More and more people are connecting with each other (and businesses) through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more. This means businesses that aren’t advertising on Social Media are missing out on a huge number of potential customers, and the numbers don’t lie. Almost eighty percent of businesses operating on Social Media outsell business that does not, and over half of the customers rely on feedback from their peers before they decide on a purchase. With statistics like these, it is easy to see why many businesses are using Social Media marketing.

The business industry will always adapt and change. So no matter your field, your business should continue to develop and grow. We hope adopting these emerging business trends will keep your business leading the field, and earning ahead of the competition.

Which of these trends are you excited to start utilizing for your business?