Discovery Process

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Step 1: Discover if InXpress Franchise Ownership is Right for You

The goal of the InXpress Discovery Process is for you to learn about our franchise system while our team discovers who you are and what you are trying to accomplish by owning your own business. Our mission is to match the goals of qualified individuals with the InXpress Business opportunity using a Discovery Process based on integrity, knowledge and respect.
The Discovery Process can be anywhere from a 30 to 75-day process. As a new Franchisee Candidate, we expect you to be able to achieve a point of clarity and sign a franchise agreement within this time frame if the fit is right and you’re awarded a franchise. Making a choice, however, does not equate to “opening the business.” The decision, at this point, is to become a business owner and join the InXpress Network as a new Franchisee. Upon signing a franchise agreement, most new franchisees will complete training and launch their business within 30-60 days.

Step 2: Goals, Overview, and Your Decision Criteria

Working together, we’re committed to investing the time necessary to understand your experience and what you’re seeking to accomplish. We will thoroughly explore your personal and professional needs, your fit with InXpress, along with the timeline, selection criteria, and investment range. We’ll discuss any fears or concerns you may have as well.

Step 3: Brand Review

This is a mandatory deep-dive presentation into our vision, objectives and the unique value proposition that our Franchisees offer to customers. This is where we determine whether it makes sense to continue the discussion, through an open and honest dialogue. Here, you’ll get a clear picture of our business and culture, and learn the profile, style, character and habits of a successful Franchisee. If we both elect to move forward, we’ll schedule next steps and establish firm timelines.

Step 4: Complete Candidate Questionnaire

The confidential, non-binding “Candidate Questionnaire” demonstrates to InXpress that you are serious about exploring this opportunity and want to learn more about InXpress. There is no obligation or commitment to invest at this point; once we’ve received and discussed your questionnaire, we will provide the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD), which includes more detail on training, mutual obligations, the initial investment and ongoing expenses associated with owning and operating the business, and financial results and contact information of our current fanchisees.

InXpress Onboarding

Step 5: Introduction to Funding Partners and Primary Market Area Analysis

InXpress has small-business lender relationships in place, and can help you understand the funding environment, what to expect, and the different financing options that could be available. We will make introductions to our funding partners, who can assist you in pre-qualifying and completing their processes. During this step, we will also review the InXpress “live anywhere, sell anywhere” open territory model and Primary Market Area (PMA) analysis of targeted areas customized for prospecting.

Step 6: Business Review of FDD (Franchise Disclosure Document)

The Federal Trade Commission requires a Franchise Disclosure Document, which is thoroughly reviewed with prospective candidates. This is a comprehensive information outlay, including our company background, management team, a detailed breakdown of the total investment, a full list of current Franchisees, our company financials, the Franchising Agreement and more. We want to make sure you fully understand every aspect of the business and our mutual obligations. It is also critical that we document your decision criteria and ensure that InXpress is the right fit for you.

Step 7: Attend Discovery Days Event

This is your opportunity to meet our entire executive and support team in person and ask the tough questions. You’ll be immersed in the InXpress culture and the ways we can help you accomplish your goals through small business ownership. Once you are approved to attend our Discovery Days, each attendee is invited along with spouses and partners. Discovery Days are currently held as a virtual meeting for public health and safety reasons, and may be held in the future at our headquarters just outside of Salt Lake City, UT.

Step 8: Final Franchisee and Financial Validation

Once you’ve attended Discovery Days and received an award letter, the next step will be to complete your final Franchisee and financial validation. Throughout your Discovery Process, we encourage you to reach out to our Franchisees to gather information about their experiences, what it means to be a Franchisee, and the culture that you will be joining. Of course, the depth and value of those conversations will be dependent upon your understanding of the business model and proprietary strategies. Take advantage of these discussions – spend plenty of time and take notes. Explore the elements of the business that excite you, that concern you and that you may not understand fully. Afterward, you’ll discuss next steps with your Franchise Development Director, and schedule the signing of your Franchise Agreement.

Step 9: Sign Franchise Agreement

Congratulations! You have completed the Discovery Process and are now a member of the InXpress network. Upon receipt of the signed Franchise Agreement and initial fees, we will schedule a kick-off call with our Onboarding and Training team within one to two days. This call starts the new Franchisee On Boarding process and establishes a schedule for training and planning for a successful launch. Our dedicated Onboarding and Training team will ensure that you are well-equipped as you launch your new business.

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