Who is the Ideal Candidate?

Franchise Ownership With InXpress

When it comes to InXpress, the benefits of owning a franchise far outweigh the demands of running a business. Although we work in the logistics industry, previous experience shipping freight is not required. Our successful franchise owners and operators possess certain attributes and skill sets that make them ideal candidates. Do you have what we are looking for?

Who is the Ideal Candidate for InXpress?

Our Ideal Candidates are Energetic

There are a number of personality traits that our franchisees share that enable them to excel within our market. Our ideal candidates are dedicated salespeople with a desire to prospect, who enjoy making deep connections. Those driven, energetic individuals are highly persuasive and can strike up a conversation with anyone. They don’t shy away from a situation or back down from a challenge, and they see most everything as a challenge. If they don’t inherently possess these traits, then they must be able to learn them and put them into practice.

An InXpress Candidates is a Problem Solver

InXpress franchise owners never handle packages, but they do gain detailed knowledge about each carrier we work with and must retain that information. A candidate must be quick to learn and easy to coach. We are a third party, business-to-business logistics company that connects our customers to the right shipping solutions, and our franchisees make a commission off every shipment. As such, we work with a number of freight carriers, all of whom have different regulations that can alter from state to state, and vendor to vendor. A perfect candidate needs to be able to draw on this information quickly for the benefit of the customer.

InXpress Is Looking for Great Communicators

The ideal franchisee for InXpress has excellent communication skills and possesses a desire to help people. At the core of our business is our personal, high-touch customer service dedication, so ideal franchisees are problem solvers who work tirelessly for a resolution that meets the needs of their customers. A new franchise owner will have to hustle and dig to build a portfolio of customers. With the first sell comes the desire for the next one!

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Is InXpress Your Ideal Fit?

Business executives are one of our perfect candidates

Seasoned professionals and strategic thinkers who are tired of the corporate grind and ready to build a legacy.


Young entreprenuers

Go-getters with high expectations for a sustainable work/life balance and desire to make a difference.


Sales professionals

Energetic, money-motivated, goal-oriented people who love a challenge and are driven to dominate the market.



Customer-focused, organized, individuals with strong leadership skills and a growth mentality to scale with a high-performing sales team.


InXpress is an ideal fit for veterans

The epitome of hard work, focus and determination who is ready to help people while driving high results.


Open territory, live anywhere, no ceiling on growth.

As an InXpress Franchise owner, your growth potential is limitless. We do not cap your growth or adhere to territory exclusivity. Sell shipping to customers from anywhere in the world. Your customer base can be as spread out as you choose and as diverse as you like. From your back yard to five states over, your customers are your customers.

Primary Market Areas Explained

Research goes into identifying potential markets that will perform well so we know where the opportunities lie. These customer-rich areas help us identity leads for franchise owners as well as alert us to areas where we can market to prospective franchise owners.

What it takes to be a InXpress franchise owner

Are you ready for the next big adventure? If you’re an eager entrepreneur ready to take on your future, InXpress franchise ownership is waiting for you!

These Qualities Include:

  • Energetic with a zeal for life, which is always on your side because of your positive outlook.
  • Forge your own path and make your own way.
  • Desire to create a career you enjoy and that supports your professional and personal goals.
  • Crave flexibility with high revenue potential.
  • You’ve got high expectations for yourself and you enjoy a challenge.

InXpress Needs New Franchises In Your Area

Our nation’s shipping needs have not slowed down, nor will they. As small and independently owned businesses look for local and global sources of shipping, InXpress is there to help and ensure their profitability. Be part of a growing and thriving industry and learn more about purchasing your own InXpress franchise.

Our ideal candidates become our successful franchise owners. So, if you are ready to provide a valuable service to your customers, improve our nation’s economy and gain a steady and impressive residual revenue stream, contact InXpress franchising today.