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Shipping and Logistics Professionals

The opportunity to grow and expand are the main benefits that come with the InXpress franchise model. You are your main source to success! When you’re working for a business, the hard work and company loyalty only benefit you so much. However, with the InXpress franchise model, you have an incredible opportunity to generate your own success, especially if you’re already a shipping and logistics professional.

Experience favors you when you’re familiar with how shipping and logistics work. With your expert knowledge about the profession, you’ll know the inner workings of what you do and what you provide your clients. Now’s the time to take your experience and make it work for you. You can start a business as a shipping expert through InXpress. With InXpress, you’ll be able to put your efforts into bettering your future and creating your own legacy.

Start a First Mile Shipping Company With a Respected Team

We occupy a space in the logistics industry that no other company does, and this is where your experience as a shipping and logistics professional comes in. InXpress’ strategic partnerships with world-class players, like DHL Express, UPS, and FedEx Freight, help customers ship everything from parcels to pallets with confidence.

Our niche suite of solutions and capabilities ensure we maintain the highest customer retention rates.

Ownership benefits include:

  • Minimal Overhead
  • Owner-Driven Success
  • Industry-Leading Tech
  • Secure Volume Carrier Contacts
  • Low Entry Costs
  • Scalable Business Model
  • Exceptional ROI
  • No Inventory

Your Shipping and Logistics Background Is Important

InXpress franchising lets you put your energy towards building your own future and creating your own legacy. Your experience in shipping and logistics is a huge benefit after spending time getting to know how shipping works on a worldwide scale. You can start a first mile shipping company and use your background to forward your personal and business goals.

InXpress franchise ownership is a great opportunity for shipping and logistics professionals who are wanting to invest in themselves, rather than a company, while offering a valuable service to their clients. Owning your own business takes a mindset that is driven by dedication and devotion, which a shipping and logistics professional would understand. You understand how all of this works, and this is why you’re a huge benefit to your clients.

In addition, franchise ownership gives you the chance to own your own business. It’s a business that is supported by a global system and supported by a brand with more than 20 years of staying power.

What Qualities Do I Need to Start My Own Shipping Business?

If you’re a go-getter who’s ready to achieve your long-term goals, then InXpress is the perfect avenue for that. The qualities we look for in candidates are: Tenacious business builders who are never satisfied until they dominate the market. Goal-oriented, set high expectations and are driven by measurable results. Deeply committed to success for themselves and their customers. Prefer unique, scalable, quality service and solution-oriented concepts. Actively seek out opportunities for continued personal improvement.

InXpress Onboarding

Can I Expect Success When I Start My Own Shipping Business?

Your success as a business owner begins with InXpress. With our franchise support, you can build a solid foundation with confidence. We offer thorough training that walks you through our process and technology. At InXpress, we aren’t looking for someone who knows it all. However, with your background as a shipping and logistics professional, you’ll have a wealth of knowledge in how this business operates, and your customers will appreciate that too. We are looking for candidates with drive, self-confidence, dedication, a strong work ethic, determination, and resilience.

Our franchise support is available to make sure you have the answers you need when you need them. As you know, our services are valuable and aren’t something people need to be convinced to buy. The sales are there because shipping is necessary for businesses to operate. We help small to medium-sized businesses with affordable shipping rates. Our people are at the heart of our company. Our franchisees mentor and help each other succeed and grow their individual businesses and the InXpress brand.

Having an answer for businesses that need us, meeting new expectations, and building stronger relationships ensures InXpress is a top leader in the shipping and logistics industry. There is a greater demand for shipping and logistics providers in every industry world-wide, and franchise ownership places you in the middle of the ecommerce explosion. When you start a business as a shipping expert, you provide a tremendous value for InXpress, your business, and your customers.

As the growth keeps building, we continue to make a place for the future because we meet today’s shipping demands. InXpress has a time-tested franchise model focused on our role in ecommerce and supporting entrepreneurs within our network. A low-cost initial investment opens the door to the global opportunity that’s expected to surge. This is why InXpress is the perfect franchise opportunity for shipping and logistics professionals.

Building a Better Future Can Begin When You Start a Business as a Shipping Expert

Starting a business as a shipping expert is the perfect way to take control of the industry and build a career on the thing you excel at. Joining InXpress creates many avenues for personal and business growth since you have a valuable skill set in place. In addition, with your own franchise, you’ll be able to build and strengthen your skill set as well. With InXpress’ franchise opportunities for shipping and logistics professionals, you can truly take control of your career and make it fit with the life you want to live.

As one of the fastest growing franchises, a shipping and logistics professional who wants to own their own business has an incredible opportunity. With qualities like organizational skills, strategic thinking, team management, coaching, and sales, you’ll build your business and mold it into something you love. If you’re looking for a new opportunity, then InXpress is the answer for you.

Success from a Shipping and Logistics Professional

While Lyon is modest about his achievements, InXpress recognizes him as a leading producer. “Mark consistently wins a spot in our Top Gun group and goes on the award trips,” said Christina Chambers, executive vice president of franchise development. “He’s also such a great leader that his staff wins awards too! One of his past sales reps was so successful under his guidance that she was able to spin off into her own franchise and win awards as well,” Chambers said.

Starting an InXpress business was a no-brainer for Lyon. He had worked in shipping and logistics for several years and knew the industry inside and out. Plus, he had ample outside sales experience to test his entrepreneurial chops. Lyon leveraged his expertise and skills to establish a sturdy foundation and then began enjoying the freedom the brand offers.

At InXpress, we have success stories. Take Mark Lyon, for example. Lyon has operated one of InXpress’ top franchises in the country. With a team of five, including himself, he serves over 400 active clients. And he just acquired a second location. InXpress counts on Lyon to coach and mentor other franchisees with his leadership finesse.

I love this business, and I’m always there if somebody needs someone to talk to about it.

Mark Lyon

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We’re Looking for Shipping and Logistics Professionals

Do you already have experience within the shipping and logistics industry? Then we’re looking for you.

Our role in the shipping and logistics department provides our business owners with high-touch, low-cost ways to earn repeat business. You can expect hitting the pavement within the first six months while you are setting up and establishing your business. InXpress business owners are the reason we get to move forward. When you succeed, we all succeed. Within the InXpress support system, you get to grow your business at the rate you desire.

InXpress is here to help people out. As a franchise owner, you have the chance to help small to medium-sized businesses increase their operations. This is where your experience as a shipping and logistics professional comes into play. Since a small business cannot get discounted shipping rates alone, you can help compile a list of several businesses to get them those necessary, affordable shipping rates. You know the game, and you understand your clients’ needs.

The savings that you’re able to compile as an InXpress business owner makes it possible for these small to medium-sized businesses to be profitable. Because shipping costs won’t be eating into their budget, they’ll be able to garner revenue from the services you offer. Who benefits from the services we offer? The InXpress franchise owners, our clients, and our freight partners all benefit. And with your background as a shipping and logistics professional, you bring some necessary skills to the table.

With a thriving logistics industry, we know that your experience as a shipping and logistics professional will be a fruitful endeavor. InXpress does more than help you earn a living. We provide you with the tools to build wealth and financial independence. If you are ready to put your efforts into building your future and live the life you want, InXpress could be your avenue.